Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Little Cameron

Last month we celebrated Cameron's 3rd birthday! What a big boy! He got lots of fun toys that he loves to play with. Here are a few pictures of all of the fun we had!

We are so lucky to have Cameron in our family. He's always making us laugh. We just love those dimples too. He is currently obsessed with the Power Rangers! He talks about them all of the time. His favorite is the Blue Power Ranger, because blue is his favorite color. Actually, now there is a gold one and that's his favorite. He wanted me to call him Antonio one day because that's the name of the gold Power Ranger. He's too funny! This morning I overheard him singing "You Are So Beautiful" from the movie, Little Rascals. (I caught him on tape and am crossing my fingers that I can get it to post on here.) Then he talks about the Froggy kid saying, "I whipped out my lizard." I love this boy!

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